Student instructions

You can retrieve your credits and transfer credits to your home organisation. Service for transfer is currently allowed in following organisations: Itä-Suomen yliopisto, Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu, Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu, Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu, Turun ammattikorkeakoulu, Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, Karelia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Arcada, Yrkeshögskolan Novia, Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu, Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu XAMK, Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu, Seinäjoen ammattikorkeakoulu, Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu and Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu

  1. Log in with your haka-account by choosing "Log in" from the top of the page
  2. You can retrieve your credits by choosing "Credits" on top of the page.
  3. Select the credits that you want to transfer to your home organisation and choose "Transfer credits"

You can monitor the process under "transferred credits ". When your credits have been marked as received, you can delete them from the list.

You can still retrieve all your credits by selecting "Get credits" and view them in Puro.

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